Five more great chess websites


In an earlier post on this topic we listed five great online resources for chess players looking to improve at the game. While those websites are absolutely great, there are of course many others that serve chess fans casual and serious alike, for a wide variety of purposes. We promised a follow-up, and here it is. Five more great chess websites:


The best website for chess-related news, bar none. Multiple articles are posted every day covering all manner of happenings in the chess world, whether it pertain to tournament performances, interviews with top players, excellent new products, or matters of theory. If you want to stay up-to-date on what’s going on, you should definitely check this website regularly.


A perfectly good alternative to as far as playing live online games for free is concerned. It’s very easy to sign up and get started. In more of a direct comparison to, I’d say it’s not as good for playing bullet chess (time control: 1-2 minute each), as it feels a bit slower and a bit less smooth. On the plus side, there are far more chess variants one can play on, which is a refreshing thing to indulge in from time to time.


Chessbomb is like a bare-bones alternative to Not bare-bones in the sense that it has less to offer, but that there’s less to distract you from what you’re there for: watching the live games of top players. Some games include engine evaluations beside the moves, and the games that are actively being played have an accompanying chat window that you can participate in if you register. It’s a pretty useful site that often times has games that Chessdom doesn’t, so it’s worth a look for sure.


I’d be surprised if there’s a better site out there for buying chess sets, boards, pieces, or clocks. They’ve got a huge selection. Chess boards made of vinyl, leather, and a bunch of different types of beautiful-looking wood. Pieces of all the various weights and sizes. Cheap clocks, or top dollar clocks. Speaking of clocks, one thing worth noting about this site is that they actually offer the excellent Chronos clocks at about $50 cheaper than they’re selling for on Amazon. Great, great site.


Although it is technically not a website, the r/chess subreddit is certainly an enthusiastic, welcoming, and growing community that serves up a combination of advice, news, casual discussion, and whatever other chess-related material pops up there. It’s a bit of a grab-bag, to be sure, but the occasional gem makes it worth checking now and again.

Alright! That’s our list of five more great chess websites! There’s sure to be another installment at some point, but these should hopefully keep you occupied until then.

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