DeepDrumpf the Demented

Donald Trump really knows how to get his supporters riled up, and they come out in droves to see and hear him. Want to know what’s better than that? A neural network that studies Trump transcripts and attempts to emulate him in tweet-form. Such an entity exists, and it’s called @DeepDrumpf – and it had some brilliant moments the day of the final presidential debate.

It was created back in March by Bradley Hayes, a Postdoctoral Associate doing research at MIT. Since then it has gathered more and more attention for its hilarious ability to produce tweets bearing an uncannily Trump-esque speech pattern. Timeless classics such as:

And from a bit earlier…

But the most colorful/diabolical has to be:

It should be noted that the bit of text included inside the brackets is the “priming text” according to the description beneath the bot’s profile image. One supposes “priming text” means simply the text that was used as an input to elicit the parts of the tweets not between brackets.

Apparently DeepDrumpf is up to more than just learning about Trump and tweeting, however. It might even be gearing up for its own “presidential run”, apparently. Check out the twitter page itself. It’s a comedy gold mine, at the very least.

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