Uber Hikari Resurfaces

The legendary youtuber known as UberHikari has finally resurfaced after suddenly vanishing from youtube nearly two and a half years ago.

It started last week when RanmyakuJouten (an old hand at anime/manga coverage on youtube) announced that Uber Hikari would be returning to youtube and would be participating in a livestream with a number of other figures from what has often been referred to as the “youtube anime community”.

In his youtube hayday, Uber Hikari was known for his incisive, no-frills analysis of manga, anime and numerous television shows (such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones). He made a number of videos concerning the “art of storytelling” broadly speaking, and even made occasional forays into topics as diverse as gender identity and portrayals of race in anime and manga. Uber Hikari was also a regular presence in the frequent livestreams put on by the YTAC in its wild west years of around 2011-2013.

Anyway, the recent livestream, put on by RanmyakuJouten, can be viewed here in the entirety of its six hours and eighteen minutes. It was a truly epic stream. Old steps were retraced, and yet new ground was also broken by the likes of Uber Hikari, RanmyakuJouten, Uberblackman, Zorofanboy124, Mangamiyn, KingofLightning, Jorishae, and even the famous Bankai, among others. Much was revealed, but questions are still unanswered. Will Uber Hikari return to making youtube videos with no frills, just the analysis? Will King of Lightning stream more on Twitch? Will everyone make a trip to Japan?

Only time will tell.


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